Thursday, May 5, 2011

Birthmothers Day

Birthmothers Day is coming up on Saturday. I know there is controversy around having a seperate day for BMom's and I can see why. We're mothers, why can't we be celebrated on Mothers Day like everyone else?'s hardly the end of the world and personally, I'm grateful that there is a day set aside to honor us. We did a hard thing.

In honor of Birthmothers day, may I just say...I LOVE being a birthmother. It's interesting to me because becoming a birthmom is not something I would wish on ANYONE. I can not begin to describe the pain I went through to get to this place. It was hard and long and lonely. However, I have a beautiful little girl to show for it and my family circle added 4 new people. I love Sam's family and my life wouldn't be as full without them.

It's been almost 6 years since this sweet face became part of my world. She gave me something to live for. I wouldn't be me without her. Love you Sam.

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