Wednesday, March 14, 2012

At My House

We have a lot of stuff concerning adoption at my house. I love being a birthmother and I love being involved in FSA and anything else that portrays positive adoption. Through all these things I've collected water bottles, sippy cups, pens, stickers and my 2 year olds favorite; children's books.

Do you have these for your little ones (or just for you)?

Once Upon a Time by Ashley Hansen Bigler

Not once have I made it through this book without crying. It focuses on the Birthmother more than other adoption books I've found and I appreciate that. I gave a copy of this to Samantha and her sister and I want them to know that they're loved by their BMom's and their parents!

Tell Me Again by Jamie Lee Curtis

My older sister gave me this one, and I love that about it. She wrote me a little note on sticky notes and put it on the inside cover. I've taped it in there so it wont ever fall out! It means SO much to me that my family supports me and my decision to place.

This book is so fun and cute. I love that the little girl knows the story of her adoption by heart. Also, the illustrations are hilarious!
The point is this:
The other night my husband is reading Ava her "night night" books and he reads her these two stories, one after the other. He pauses in the middle of the second one, looks over at me and says

"You know, Ava's going to think she was adopted."

This made me laugh. Of course we'll tell her she came from Mommy's tummy and eventually she's understand the whole story. I finished rinsing out her "adoption equals love" sippy cup and we went to bed.

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  1. Found Your blog tonight and i'm tempted to read it all right now. I absolutely love it! I am a birth mother also (5 and a half years!). Thank you so much for writing such beautiful words. You are so wonderful. Thanks for your words (and I'm definitely going to get those books). I have a book called "Never Never Never will she stop loving you". It makes me cry everytime haha! Anyway, I'll be following you now :)
    You can read about my story here if you'd like:


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