Monday, July 12, 2010

Blessing Day

Sam 4/2006

Ava Belle 7/11/2010

Mike, me and Sam 4/2006

Ava was blessed yesterday. Davin did a wonderful job blessing her and it was a wonderful day.

As I was sitting in sarament meeting after her blessing I looked over at Samantha and her cute family and thought back to her blessing day. She was six months old because they had to wait until the adoption was final. She was so cute and it was a beautiful day outside. Mike (birthfather) even came from California.

Samanthas father gave her a blessing and it was that day that I decided I wanted to marry someone that could bless our children. I was so grateful Sam had parents who were able to take her to the temple and a father who could bless her. These were some of the things I wanted for her.

It was hard to remember though. I miss my "Baby Sam". She was so fun and friendly. It's a little harder now that she's older, she isn't as willing to go to just anyone and she'd rather play then cuddle.

But I'm so happy to be in her life, I loved seeing her at Ava's blessing and I'm so happy that her father was able to be a part of both my daughters special days.

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  1. Oh Alli, I wish I would have known. I would love to be there. It would have given me an excuse to finally meet her and see you and the hubby again. She is beautiful.


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