Saturday, July 31, 2010

Open Adoption Bloggers

I've been added to I'm honored! There are some amazing blogs on there.

Yesterday and today I was lucky enough to attend the FSA Conference. What a great time! I love being surrounded by advocates for adoption. I also saw a lot of people (mostly caseworkers) that I hadn't seen in YEARS and I got to meet a lot of new birthmothers. Some of them whose blogs I've been following for quite awhile now. I loved putting faces to their stories.

Davin was able to come with me all day today and he helped with Ava a lot, which was nice. He was also on a panel, "husbands of birthmothers". It's so important to me that birthmothers who haven't found a good man to marry know that they ARE out there and they WILL accept you for who you are!

I can't wait to help out next year!


  1. i love your blog! it's so honest and so real, you're awesome!

  2. I admire you so much! And so grateful for your cute hubby to come and share with us! Gives so much hope for my future!! Loved meeting you and hope we can hang out again soon!


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