Sunday, July 25, 2010

My Heart is Full

My heart is full this week. I don't know where to start.

Adoption is on my mind. Last year I was able to go to the FSA Conference in Layton and it was such an amazing thing for me. I loved so much being surrounded by these amazing women who had placed children for adoption and become so much more because of it. These are strong, good people who I learned from and admire.

I have made goals since that conference and work towards them every day:

To let people know that adoption can be a beautiful, saving thing.

To help where I can and to be an example to girls who might be in a situation similar to the one I was once in.

I made it a goal to be involved with the 2010 FSA Conference and I made that goal come true!

I share my story when I think it will help, and I support those who choose both adoption and single parenting. I realize it's not my place to judge.

This year I will be on a panel, "Ask a Birthparent". I hope I can be open and honest and portray my feelings well for those who need to hear them. Davin has also been an amazing support to me with my involvment in the world of adoption and he will be on a panel as well. He's going to do "Husbands of birthmothers". This was one of my favorite panels last year, even though I was already married to a wonderful man. These men are so supportive and prove to girls who are still looking for someone to share their lives with that their still worthwhile and they deserve a good man.

I've met so many people lately who have adopted children or who are adopted or who have placed a child. I love hearing different stories and how they affected peoples lives.

As Davin and I have been preparing to go to the temple to be sealed together as a family we met with our stake president. He asked me to share my story with him, from my depression, to my fathers death, to Samantha's birth and how I ended up marrying Davin and making our temple goal. When I was finished he asked me to speak in stake conference next month. I can't tell you how nervous I am, but I feel it's a prayer answered (even if not quite the answer I was going for...) because I'm always praying that my experiences can benifit others, and maybe save others from the pain of choices I made.

While adoption is only one part of who I am, it's an important part. Thanks for listening...or reading. I know what's so important to me isn't important to everyone, but I can't help but write my feelings, help lighten my load.


Alli; a wife, a mom, a daughter, a sister, a friend and a birthmother.

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  1. Stake Conference!?! WHAT?! I would freak! I know you will do wonderful though! You have an amazing story to share! Do you know when you can get sealed?


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