Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I was asked a question I'd like to respond to publicly.

What are we, as potential adoptive parents, supposed to call Birthparents?

There was more to the question than this, but that about sums it up. First of all, we are all different and we all have our own ideas. When Samantha's parents introduce me to people they call me her birthmom or birthmother, which I am just fine with. However, I know some girls have a problem with the word birthmom and I'm sure they have their reasons. What I would suggest is ASKING. Communicate with her and ask her what she would prefer. Some like "first mom" or "tummy mommy". Just keep it respectful and we should be just fine.

This made me think...

It is my opinion that some people are just TOO sensitive. You know what? I AM a birthmom and Samantha's parents ARE her adoptive parents. I often call them adoptive parents and it's in NO WAY meant to be negative. I'm just trying to keep things less confusing. Samantha's parents are aware that I refer to them this way and we have no problems. But, like I said, we are open with each other and we communicate. communicate, communicate, communicate. Can't stress it enough.

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