Sunday, November 21, 2010

an answer.

the other day i was proudly wearing my families supporting adoption t-shirt, like i often do. for the first time i had someone ask me why i was wearing it. i've never been asked this before and i didn't have a quick reply. i told her "i'm a birthmother".

she said "i don't know what that means."

oh goodness. what do you say to that? I said "I placed a baby when I was a teenager."

she continued to give me a blank look.

she did not understand what I was telling her until I said the words "illegitamite" and "gave up." THIS is why we must educate people. we should be able to talk about adoption to people using the words "placed" and "birthmother".

She was very nice about it and I didn't get any sort of negative least there is that!

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